Jeremy Jones entry into Real Snow 2015, the all-urban, all-video snowboard contest. Interview with Jeremy Jones about his part below. 

How did you feel when you got invited? The fact that I even make the initial list in Xgames’ process of building the roster is pretty crazy, there are so many great street boarders out there these days, so it’s a solid compliment that I made the final list.

What is it like filming for real snow? The best! I’m so down for the early “pressure” I love to have a goal and an end game in mind. Plus being on such a short timeline is tight, because then all the crap that generally changes a project or derails the original idea doesn’t come into play as much, due to there simply not being time, so it’s not option, you have to just stick to your plan and do the best you can. How do you deal with the stress? It doesn’t stress me out. I’ll either get it done or I won’t. If I stay healthy and I’m out grinding something will be turned in.

Where did you go on your favorite trip while filming for your part? Hard one. The 3 missions I did for Real snow were Albany, SLC and Jamestown. All had moments that made them my “favorite”. I’ll rephrase it maybe, my favorite was that I lined up with such a dope crew. Jake Welch and Pat Moore, were the steadies and those dudes should make an edit from those few weeks too, cause they would have made for some heavy real snow edits as well!

What was the meaning of your old pro models in the beginning of your part? Just to show a timeline in reverse, bring it back to my first promodel, were it all really started for me. Then to back it up with my edit. Which I feel like was strong enough to say it’s still on. Trent Ludwig had the idea and I was super down, he killed it! We took the risk with a long Intro in such a short edit and pulled action as a result, we really liked the story element!

A lot of people really like the wallie in your part. What sparked the idea to do this trick for your part? Basically just saw the spot and that’s what popped in my head. Seth Huot, really was feeling the idea he had in his head with the follow cam, which to me is what made it what it was.

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