Dylan Thompson’s entry into Real Snow 2015, the all-urban, all-video snowboard contest. Interview with Dylan Thompson below. 

How did you feel when you got invited?

I was super stoked because I knew I really wanted to be apart of it again after last season.  I wanted to sort of rebate it because I got hurt filming it last year, so I got really limited filming time in.  I was also a little stressed because with the format change I didn’t end of getting the invite until a little later than the year before, so I didn’t know if it was going on again or if I was going to be in it.   I was super stoked when I finally got the invite.

What is it like filming for real snow? 

It was a lot of work and a lot of traveling.  We got an early start and the filming also ran longer this year so by the end i was pretty worn out and tired.  Normally we would have snow in Salt Lake City and be filming a lot at home, but there was very little snow there this year.  It made it tough having to travel for almost all the filming. I had a lot of spots lined up at home that I was never able to do.  That threw a bit of a wrench in the whole plan for filming it.  We ended up having to do four trips for the filming of it.

How do you deal with the stress? 

I tried not to get too stressed about it, which even then can be difficult.  A few days of things not working or getting kicked out of spots and the stress builds up for sure.  But at the same time I was trying to look at it like if I just try as hard as I can I should be stoked on the outcome regardless of what happens.  Things also went more smoothly than last year.  Last year we were super behind and I got hurt a few times so it made things much more stressful than when your consistently out getting shots.

Where did you go on your favorite trip while filming for your part? 

My favorite place was Montreal for sure.  We went there two times actually, because the first trip there was so good and there wasn’t a lot of other options either.  Mainly because nowhere was getting much snow.  Montreal is a really cool city with a lot of options for spots.  The rest of the trips we did weren’t the most ideal locations, it was like just kinda going there because there wasn’t snow anywhere else and we felt like we really had no choice but to go and just make it work.

How many tries did the backside 180, switch nose press, cab 360 out on the closeout take? 

It didn’t take a ton of tries.  Especially compared to a lot of the other tricks. I actually did it a few different times just to make sure I did it the way I wanted but it was probably one of the easier shots to get because it wasn’t a big build or really difficult to get.  It was kind of scary because your going into the close out so blind.  I was really happy that I never got hung up on it.

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