Chris Grenier’s entry into Real Snow 2015, the all-urban, all-video snowboard contest. 

Check out the short interview with Chris Grenier and his cinematographer Pat Fenelon below.

Chris Grenier

How did you feel when you got invited? Stressed out.

What is it like filming for real snow? It was ups and downs, we definitely worked really hard, battled some tricks, I’m thankful that a lot of people helped us out. Frank April pushed me really hard, Pat came through big time filming/editing.

How do you deal with the stress? At first I was losing it, then I got it together, just focused on one trick at a time.

Where did you go on your favorite trip while filming for your part? Japan was a good time. Thanks so much to Reo our guide.

What trick was the hardest to film? The 180 wall ride rodeo was a battle, and so was the front 360 to 5050 took 40 tries.

Pat Fenelon

What was it like filming for Real Snow? Filming for real snow is a grind. There is pressure to make the absolute most of the short time you have. In the end it felt really good to work hard on the video with Chris, we are both hyped on the end result. Hanging and shooting with Chris is the best cause he’s hilarious.

What is your favorite shot you filmed for this part? I’d say my favorite shot is the Miller flip to switch front board because it’s a cool move that I’ve never filmed before and because it took Chris a bunch of tries and slams to get it figured out so it gave me the opportunity to move around and find the angle that made it look the best. Also cause Louif and Eve came and helped set up and shoot second angle. Frank and his crew of friends showed up and helped pull bungee then had a parking lot party after Chris put it down. It was a great day.

How do you prepare for such a grueling film schedule? Skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing charge the batteries up for a heavy grind like this. I try to focus on the end goal of the project, what it will come together like, and the feeling of finishing it up.

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