Everyone has something they want to conquer. For some, perhaps it's a fear of heights. For others, maybe it's a recent herpes breakout. For Dylan Alito, it was a behemoth of a down-flat-down in the foothills west of Denver.

Dylan first attempted the rail four seasons ago. Then, coincidentally a landscaping job put him face-to-face with the beast for weeks while it taunted him in the summer heat.

Finally, everything aligned. Denver got hit with a storm while Dylan was home in Colorado. Photographer Aaron Dodds who had been with Dylan during his first attempt was in town too, as was Zach Rawles, Dylan's good buddy and Insight filmer—oh, and Johnny Lazz, the best hype man in the game.

The crew loaded Dylan's Tacoma and showed up in the cover of darkness to set up. When they returned the next day, it was on.

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