Quiksilver Down Lo 2012

March 18th 2012 marked the date of Quiksilver’s 8th annual Down Lo competition that is held at the end of every season at Mount St. Louis Moonstone. The park staff went all out in preparing this contest for everyone this year, bringing the biggest jumps, rail features, and riders all together for 1 epic season ending contest. This March has brought us record high temperatures in Ontario, and with the record high temperatures of 22  I think we saw a record amount of sun-burnt skin on the hill. Quiksilver rider Kevin Scriver took the overall contest win with his ever growing bag of tricks that he brought to the Channel gap, 65 foot jump, and giant TBar feature. He even got a little tech on the rails.

Joel Dalacker took the win for the rails and Craig Gouweloos for the jump. Professional snowboarder Kevin Konings stole the TBar session while Jesse Loucks and Coulton Conway snuck in for an honorable mention on the podium. Quiksilver and Mount St. Louis Moonstone have got this contest figured out for us, make sure you come out next winter for the 9th Annual Quiksilver Down Lo!