Starting in 2009, Jeremy Jensen set out to create the ultimate powsurf quiver. Back then nobody had ever seen, or let alone heard of a splitsurfer. Years of shaping, making his boards lighter, refining components, and upgrading the base, Jeremy continuously seeks ways to improve the powsurfer. Through extensive testing and exposing his boards to every type of terrain, Jeremy has successfully created a quiver of surfers. His story is inspiring. His boards enable opportunity.

“A chronological journey taking us 8 years into the past starting with the development of the first ever split-powsurfer prototypes on earth and moving forward through years of development that led us to where we are today with the latest Grassroots Splitsurfers. At Grassroots we have been splitsurfing almost as long as we have been powdersurfing. The “Transformer” is our latest invention that brings amazing access to riders all over the world. The “Transformer” splitsurfer is designed to excel as a powsufer but also allows the rider the option of riding with bindings to help get out of packed out trails, poor snow conditions at lower elevation, and to open up tons of side country access outside resorts.” – Grassroots Powdersurfing

The Powsurf Chronicles Episode 9 | TWSNOW

Finally The Powsurf Chronicles Episode 9!