POV Avalanche : Romanian snowboarder sets off huge slide caught on his GoPro

Sorin Radu Captures POV Avalanche On His GoPro Hero3

Sorin Radu, an experienced snow sports instructor and Mountain Rescue Volunteer was just taking another normal run down what looks like a pretty awesome slope at Papusa Mountain in Gorj, Romania when his worst nightmare happened. Snowboarding alone (or at least it looks that way) Sorin looks uphill at the slope fracturing around him after making his first turns, he tries his best to shoot off to the right and avoid the slide, but it catches him and sweeps him downhill. Luckily he had on his GoPro so we can checkout this epic first person view of what it’s like to be caught in an avalanche, and live. Glad you’re still with us Sorin, be safe out there people!

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