Poney Session 2014 Recap Video

Here is the Poney Session wrap up video, full the full story and photo gallery from the event click HERE.

The biggest snowboard contest in France went off this past weekend in the picturesque village of Saint Lary-Soulan, one of the largest ski resorts in the French Pyrenees and home of Victor De Le Rue. The Poney Session has been gathering momentum since 2002, and now that the Euro X Games has threw in the towel Le Poney is the largest annual Snowboarding event in France. Riders from all over the Alpes and Scandinavia turned up for the TTR 4 star event, with 14k prize money.

Petja Piironen. 2014 Poney Session.

Petja Piironen. 2014 Poney Session.

La PONEY SESSION 2014 a encore été “HUGE”. Il y avait du live painting, des soirées de dingue, du break dance, des femmes presque nues tatouées, du skate et bien sur du snowboard avec des riders du monde entier.


1-Petja PIIRONEN (Finlande)
3-Tyler NICHOLSON (Canada)
4-Kleivdal MORTEN (Norvège)
5-Hagen OLE CHRISTIAN (Norvège)
7-Sebbe DEBBUK (Belgique)
8-Jonas BOESIGER (Suisse)
9-Nuuti NIEMELA (Finlande)
10-Mick CICCARELLI (Canada)
11-Vladislav KHADARIN (Russie)

REALISATION: Julien Mazard

Olivier Sautet (Steadycam + aerial views)
Julien Mazard
Hervé Doulat ( aerial views)


MOTION: Thibault Roqueirol

Crédit photo vignette: Eve Saint-ramon