Pirate-Movie-Productions Russia segment from PERCEPTIONS with Kalle, Sami and Wojtek

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With no snow in Scandinavia, we decided to step out of our comfort zone for the next street trip and accept an invitation from Russian snowboarder Victor Teymurov to follow him to the city of KIROV, 1,200 km northeast of Moscow. We’ve been to Russia several times before, both on jib missions in and around Moscow, as well as on backcountry trips in Krasnaya, Polyana, and Kamchatka. But we’d never checked out the northeast, so we were excited to see a new place with good snow and endless spots…

Visas were fixed, flights booked, and before we knew it, we were already driving from Moscow towards Kirov. 1,200 km on Russia roads meant a 24-hour trip requiring immense concentration to avoid the 1,000’s of potholes along the way.

Kirov itself is an old industrial city and as our guide Victor had promised, there were plenty of handrails, wall rides, and abandoned houses. The crew left their mark and returned home with a big bag of tricks and tons of new experiences, happy to know that snowboarding still connects people in even the remotest places.

Interview with Sami and Kalle below. 

Who did you have the best session with this on this trip?

Sami Luhtanen – Local guy who helped us this trip and when we to ran away the police.

Kalle Ohlson – With Sami and Wojtek on the red closeout rail! It was one of the most chill places in Kirov. This big park in the middle of town where we could hang out and snowboard on (not very much) snow. We had a hill as a run which was way nice, because we didn't have much snow on this trip, so having a spot with a in run and surrounded by snow was a luxury! Once the session was done for me, Wojtek continued hitting the rail and I helped Sami to build his backflip jump that you can see in the segment, and a wallride! Got some nice instagrams on that one! haha.

What was the hardest trick to land in in Russia?

 Sami Luhtanen – I think hardest trick for me is this double back flip, pretty hard to land this trick that small landing

Kalle Ohlson – The 50-50 on the ledge with drop down into a bank. Such a scary spot. We went there the day before to put water on the bank to have it slippery, but when we showed up the day after the bank was as dry as dust! There was almost no snow for the in run, just a bit of dirty snow in the outrun filled with broken cough medicin bottles, and as well a dead dog. I ended up hitting it with just a tiny piece of slushy snow the dry bank. 2 tries then done!


When did you feel on top of the world in this video?

Sami Luhtanen – I feel whole crew feels we are top of the world every time when we step in local super-market because there is so many security guys around and all guys start speaking together radiotelephone. Maybe never seen before that many different looking people same time same shop (Finland, Sweden, Poland, Spanish, Italy, Austria,)

Kalle Ohlson – When I was pulled over by the Russian cops for the 6th time for not having my lights on while driving the car at night (back home in Sweden the lights are always on), after having a long conversation with the cop, me speaking english the cop speaking Russian, a was released for the 6th time without a ticket, and without actually non of us knowing what the other person have been saying for the past 5 minutes! haha.

When did you feel like you wanted to give up?

Sami Luhtanen – When I land at Kirow airport and I have to wait other guys about one hours and not can see any snow around airport.

Kalle Ohlson – There was a day at the end of the trip when we had scouted the whole city for spots. We had hit the once we wanted to hit, and there was almost no snow at all left in the city, and it was spring, we where 20h north east of Moscow so it's not like we could have gone somewhere else to find snow. Then I started to become worried and pretty over it! Luckily we randomly stopped by this abandoned house next to the city hospital and there we had a bunch of cool stuff to do, and it was the only place in town with snow left! So the Russian hospital saved our asses at the end of the trip! Even though the nurses tried to kill us for snowboarding on Hospital area :)!


Why do you love snowboarding?

Sami Luhtanen – Freedom and my passion.

Kalle Ohlson – Easy, because of the freedom you have within this lifestyle. Pro/rookie, Rails/halfpipes, Contest/filming, Style/tech, Resort/Backcountry. Choose one or choose them all, your never painted in a corner and you never run out of things to explore!

What’s next for you?

Sami Luhtanen – Tomorrow I rescue some life at work.

Kalle Ohlson – I'm going to Ride snowboards sales meeting next weekend, to talk to their distributors about the collaboration from my “getting people to snowboard project” Blue Parks and Ride. and after that I'll start snowboarding on home base for a few weeks. In december I will film for a Vans project, and after that the filming for the new Pirate movie starts!


Sami Luhtanen – Dakine, Ridesnowboards, Vans, and Dyesnow.

Kalle Ohlson – Ride snowboards, Vans, Union, Blue Tomato, Adidas eyewear, JBMC gloves, and Hoppipolla.

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