PERCEPTIONS : India segment with Elias Elhardt

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When the opportunity opened up to travel to Kashmir India for riding, Elias did not have to think twice. It doesn't happen everyday that you can go heliboarding above 4000meters in the Himalayas.

With in miles reach of the boarder to Pakistan the crew set base in Gulmarg at 2690 meters above sea level.

Weather and snow conditions were on our side and the next days were filled with some of the best freeriding we scored last season. Expectation were high but we never thought that we will get it that good…

With a quick stop at Dal lake, with its houseboats, floating markets and its Mughal gardens, on the way back to New Dehli, the crew left satisfied and with memories for a lifetime.

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Interview with Elias Elhardt Below.

What was the hardest trick to land on this trip?

I’ve been trying the cab 180 to fs 180 down the roof pillows a couple time. That was a quiet funny mission, as it always took me a while to climb up that house.

Where did you go during this trip?

We went to the little Mountain Village Gulmarg, which is located in Kashmir, India right on the Boarder to Pakistan. It’s a rather wild region with military everywhere, due to the conflicts with Pakistan. The village was quiet touristic though with a Ski Resort and a Helibase. After that we went to Srinigar and stayed on a boat hose for two nights.

When did you feel on top of the world during this trip?

We had one magic morning session, that all the lines in the movie are from. We had the heli to our selfs for two houres and I got four great lines in. That was on 1400feed right next to the boarder to Pakistan. Definitely one of the best moments this season.

When did you feel like you wanted to give up on this trip?

Right after that amazing, but also exhausting session I just discribed, I got food poisoning and had to lay in bed for four days. That sucked, especially on my birthday.

How did you get to India?

We flew with from Munich directly to Dheli and then continued with a continental flight to Srinigar, the capital of Kashmir.

What’s next for you?

The season is about to start and I’m really looking forward to another round. Right now I’m shredding a bit on the park glaciers around Innsbruck, where I live. I hope soon though, we’ll get some early season powder shredding going..


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