Pirate-Movie-Productions Canada segment from PERCEPTIONS with Kalle, Sami and Wojtek


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With half the crew coming from Scandinavia, it just made sense, the last couple of years to film most of the urban snowboarding up north. We can easily drive with all our equipment from Austria (where our Pirate Movie Productions head office is located)to Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo or any other city, hook up with the crew and start shooting. The locals are used to snowboard film crews, and the bust factor is very small…..but neither less our first urban trip for PERCEPTIONS brought us to Canada, partly because we were not getting any snow back home and partly because we were motivated to step out of our comfort zone and discover some, for us, new locations.

First of was Newfoundland, but with poring rain and warm temperatures the crew left after a couple of days to go to Ottawa. Besides freezing temperatures, getting kicked out from basically every spot and minor injuries, the trip was a full success and the crew returned home with a big bag of trix.

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Interview with Kalle Ohlson, Wojtek PawlusiakSami Luhtanen.

Pirates snowboarding movie canada segment

Where did you go in Canada?

Wojtek Pawlusiak – We actually first went to Newfoundland. Wanted to stay there for at least a week but weather turned out really shitty, it was raining hard for 3 days and all the snow melted, so we had to change the plan quick and decided to go to Ottawa! The snow situation was a bit better but it was very icy for two weeks. Then it started snowing and for the next two weeks it was sweet but ridiculously cold, like negative 25 everyday. The temperature was really exhausting!

Did anyone get screeched in?

Kalle Ohlson – We got hooked up by Mike at the local skate shop with all necessaries that we needed on the trip, and he was talking a lot about the screeching in. It never happened though, which was a bummer, cause we flew over the whole atlantic sea to make it there and apparently you have to get screeched in, so now I guess we have to fly over again and make it happen, but that's no problem. I'd love to come over again and get revanche on this town with some more snow and also get a dead fish in my face and a nasty drink so we can claim screeched in! haha

Pirates perceptions snowboarding video canada

Who did you have the best session with in Canada?

Kalle Ohlson – With Craig in Ottawa. He was our magic man over there. Whenever we needed something he got it. Photographer, latter, winch, shovels, spots you name it Craig got it! haha. He was like the wall mart of street snowboarding! One day he decided to bring us to the local mountain and just have a shred session in the park there, which was just what we needed after fighting all the ice in the streets of Ottawa!

Wojtek Pawlusiak – I had the best session with Kalle at the flat rail to wall, it was fun but so much work to prepare the spot. When we came the whole landing was just pure ice, so we had to crushed the landing and basically build it again from ice cubes :)

Sami Luhtanen – Local Craig who helped out so much with the spots winch and local information.  Thanks Craig!

Pirates perceptions snowboarding video canada

What was the hardest trick to land in this video part?

Kalle Ohlson – Definitely the wall ride backside 360 out on the overpass! Just because it's pretty sketchy first of all with the turn in, and the fact that you have to clear the walking road and then also fall down a bunch of feet and actually be able to land down there!

Wojtek Pawlusiak – The hardest trick for me was a noseslide pretzel on black d kink, really easy to lock but super hard to spin off 270 and I had a nasty bail on my ass, I was barely walking after this bail.

Sami Luhtanen – To get away under the police eyes.

When did you feel on top of the world during this trip?

Kalle Ohlson – When it started snowing and got a little warmer in Ottawa, after having rainy days in Newfoundland, and then having an average of about -30 celsius in Ottawa and barely any snow for like 2 weeks. We are snowboarders, we like snow!

Wojtek Pawlusiak – I felt really good after landing a line on Quebec side of Ottawa. It was a gap over a gate to flat rail, drop to the inside and ollie over a ledge to wall landing.

Sami Luhtanen – When I  go Wallmart and buy a bag of crisps with out walking.

Pirates snowboarding movie

When did you feel like you wanted to give up on this trip?

Kalle Ohlson – Actually before the trip had even started. On my first flight from Sweden to Zurich (where I later flew on to Canada). I had a crazy day and night before my flight and ended up over sleeping so instead of having four hours to make it to my flight I had two hours to drive to the airport. It was just all crazy, and driving like a race driver to make it! After getting on the flight even though the check in was closed already, and later also the boarding. I could relax and then all stress no sleep and nausea hit me. I went back to the bathroom on the airplane, and just when I was about to push open the door I straight passed out on the floor! Right there when I woke up again I was not feeling like I was on top of the world! haha. Only good thing about this incident was that they upgraded me to first class on the next flight! hehe.

Wojtek Pawlusiak – Basically I gave up on one spot. It was a Sollors wallride to drop where Kalle did frontside wallride back 360 out. I was trying backside wallride to backside 180. On second try I thought I got it but landed too deep and after that we got kicked out. We came back, got kicked out again and on the third time winch broke. We fixed it, then it broke again and again, it was just too much stress for me.

Sami Luhtanen – Really felt like I wanted to give up when when I was in the middle of the kink rail and I see I hit this left side close out. I hurt my knee and I have to flight back home one or two week earlier than what we had first planned.

Why do you love snowboarding?

Kalle Ohlson – Easy, because of the freedom you have within this lifestyle. Pro/rookie, Rails/halfpipes, Contest/filming, Style/tech, Resort/Backcountry. Choose one or choose them all, your never painted in a corner and you never run out of things to explore!

Wojtek Pawlusiak  – I love snowboarding because it gives me freedom, there are no regulations, no certain ways . You can do whatever the fuck you want!

Sami Luhtanen – So many reasons why I love snowboarding but I think the biggest thing for me is freedom feeling and you can forget all other things that are spinning around you.

What’s next for you?

Kalle Ohlson – I have project called Blue Parks, and this week we will have a rookie snowboard camp called Blue Parks Eurocamp at Dachstein, Austria (www.blue-parks.com). So I'm down here making sure it all goes down in the best way! After that I will go snowbarding and get ready for filming season!

Wojtek Pawlusiak – I’m going to Italy Modena for the contest on Sunday, then probably some mellow cruizing at Dachstein glacier and waiting for snow to start filming. I don’t really have plans for the season yet but I think we will do some edits with Analog euro team. I would love to invite some people over to Poland because we have so many good street spots, all the spots are unique and there’s no such a thing as liability law, so people just don’t give a shit unlike the Canadian people ;).

Sami Luhtanen – I go next tuesday at Austria where my Swedish friend Kalle Ohlson organize first time snowboard camp (blueparkcamp). It will be an amazing week hanging with those campers and also Vans is brining the whole euro team at Dachstein.

Pirates snowboarding movie canada segment


Kalle Ohlson – Ride snowboards, Vans, Blue Tomato, Hoppipolla headwear, JBMC gloves, Adidas eyewear, Union bindings

Wojtek Pawlusiak – Burton, Red Bull, Analog, Anon, Nixon, Sony

Sami Luhtanen – Dakine, Ridesnowboards, Vans, Dyesnow,

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