Pirate-Movie-Productions ALPS segment from PERCEPTIONS with Feichtner, Gigi, Evensen and Elias


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While most parts of Austria and Switzerland were struggling with poor snowfalls and warm temperatures, Italy got hammered with snow and the Dolomites had plenty of spots to offer. Once again the crew had to step out of their comfort zone and leave the usual stomping grounds behind to discover new spots in this winterly wonderland. Just of the ski lift and with a small hike around the corner, they found a nice zone with multiple options to get creative on all followed by a nice trip to beautiful Venice to round up the Italy experience.

And for those of the crew, who been patience enough, even the usual stomping grounds back in Austria offered some nice sessions in between warm storms….And yes you read right, all inbound, no sleds or helicopters involved….

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Interview with riders involved with the project below.


Italy’s Dolomites are beautiful. PHOTO: Andy Wright.

Who did you have the best session with on this trip?

Marco Feichtner – i had lots of good moments with different people on this trip! i was riding a lot with frederik evenson swell with gigi! gigi is a good friend of me and he lives super super close to my place and we never really spent more then one day riding together! thats why i was so happy to shred some spots with those two guys! good memories!

What was the hardest trick to land in this video part?

Marco Feichtner – i am not sure if there was one hard trick in this part but what i know is that every spot we did was super challenging! how you build each spot, how much speed you need to get over the gap's! on some spots it was not easy to land your trick because of the snow conditions we had the last season.


Fredrik Evensen. PHOTO: Andy Wright

When did you feel on top of the world during this trip?

Marco Feichtner – i remember one day when i had this feeling! i was on a solo mission with two filmer and i was not really sure what spot i wanna do! i remembered one spot what i did with werni stock a few years back and i was not 100% sure about the snow conditions! we went there- it looked way different when we did it back in the days! on the in run i had to jump over a cliff to have the right speed to get of the gap! i  was sure that i can deal with all the situations on the spot! it was a lot of work fix the in run and the jump but all in all it felt so good when i landed my first trick!

When did you feel like you wanted to give up on this trip?

Marco Feichtner – giving up – its not in person! as long if i have power in my body- i will try to give as much as i can to get stuff done!


Gigi Ruf. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Why do you love snowboarding?

Marco Feichtner – snowboarding is the best! being out in the nature with your friend, riding powder, having fun! what you wanna have more!

What’s next for you?

Marco Feichtner – i got hurt end of the season so i am still recovering from a knee surgery and i hope i will get on my board beginning of december!


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Marco Feichtner. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Marco Feichtner. PHOTO: Andy Wright

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