Philadelphia Urban Teaser : Mark Gama

Mark Gama : Philadelphia Urban Teaser

The urban shred scene in Philadelphia is starting to pop off  thanks in part to 21-year-old Mark Gama. The up and comer is working on a full part shot entirely in the streets of PA, and just dropped the first look with the teaser above. We reached out to Gama for the scoop on who he is and what's up with riding in the streets of Philly.

Mark Gama rides Urban

Mark, tell us about yourself and your snowboard roots.

I'm a Philadelphia, PA local and I have been snowboarding for about six or seven years now. I just started riding urban within the past two years. I primarily ride urban in Philly and surrounding areas right outside of the city.

What's the urban scene like in Philly?

There’s no urban scene in Philadelphia for snowboarding really, just a handful of mountains in the surrounding areas such as Bear Creek, Big Boulder and Blue [Mountain], so it was cool to see how people reacted to seeing a snowboarder in the city like that. I wanted to do something that hasn’t really been done before in Philadelphia and growing up skateboarding all around the city, I saw no reason why I couldn’t do it on a snowboard.

What are some of your inspirations for making this full street part?

I’ve always been inspired on how raw, rugged and real the east coast has always been with skateboarding and applied it to my snowboarding. Not many snowboarders come out of the city of Philadelphia, let alone ride in it, so this has been a very fun experience for me and seeing people’s reactions from it.

Stay tuned for Gama's full part.

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