Peace Park 2015 Teaser

Danny Davis, Mountain Dew, and Burton present the Peace Park 2015 Teaser

Peace Park is back again this year, bigger and better than ever. Be sure to keep an eye out for the December issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine and our feature story.

From Dew:

"PEACE PARK is all about embracing the creative culture of snowboarding and evolving the competitive side of the sport," commented Davis. "I'm really stoked that Burton and Mountain Dew have remained supportive of my ongoing vision. I want to show the world the endless fun and creative possibilities of snowboarding beyond the snowboard competitions that you typically see on TV."

When the concept and creation of PEACE PARK began four years ago, Davis imagined something beyond the standard slopestyle and halfpipe courses. Each year, the design of the park continues to evolve by offering new features and lines, allowing riders to bring their unique creativity and style to the mountain. The first build was a halfpipe that included additional park-like features such as rails and jumps. The expansion of the halfpipe became so widely revered among riders that Davis decided to continue advancing his vision, changing the layout from a pipe into a full park and influencing real life competitions by encouraging riders to incorporate more personal expression into their tricks. 

Now in its fourth installment, this year's PEACE PARK offers elite riders a massive snowboard playground with endless new transitions and jumps including a half mile roller run, a 60 foot BBQ road gap, a quarter pipe measuring over 100 feet long and 22 feet high, a 22 foot bowl measuring 100 feet in diameter and more – all designed on Davis' terms. The ever-evolving build-out continues to offer elite snowboarders from every discipline a truly one-of-a-kind course. 

Tune in to ABC on Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 2 p.m. ET and join the conversation at #PeacePark15.