Pat Moore’s back with the latest episode of ‘Blueprint.’ In this episode Pat and Seth Huot explore the relationship between filmer, and snowboarder, and how that relationship in extremely important in professional snowboarding.

We wanted to know more, so we hit Pat up and got to the bottom of what the ‘Blueprint’ series is all about.

So your web series is kind of like the Truman Show in which we see you filming for the Volcom movie, how has that been going?
It’s been pretty cool, basically we wanted to show what its really like to film a video and give the opportunity to people I really look up to give their opinion on things. This last episode gives a really cool perspective from Seth Hout now that he is behind the lens filming, he has a lot of passion for snowboarding.

Where are you guys filming now? It’s got to be pretty close to start riding pow right?
We are on the east coast filming the last of the city stuff, then its time for pow pow, I haven’t had a chance to get any turns in for a while so I’m excited to get out carve it up!

Who are you with?
Right now I’m with Jake Welch, Zack Normandin and Dylan Dragotta, Jake Price is back filming after healing from his Dirksen Dirby collarbone snap. Welch is on a tear this season, literally only filming enders, he’s the best.

In this episode you talk about the relationship between the filmer and the snowboarder, who are your favorite filmers that you’ve worked with?
Man I’ve gotten to film with some amazing people in the past; John Caven, Jared Slater, Curt Morgan, Nathan Yant, Sean Kearns, Sean Johnson, Jake Price… The list really goes on with legends. Sean Johnson taught me so much about the backcountry and how to ride pow. Nathan Yant was like my dad for 5 years. Kearns was like an older brother who terrified me… But working with Seth Huot has been amazing, he has such a drive to produce shots that it fuels you to get some, I really enjoy working with him.

How’s the Volcom movie coming along? Do you have a name for it yet?
The video is coming along really good, we’ve just been filming and having a good time. Mike Rav has been killing it and is sitting on some really sick footage, Blum is handplanting everything in sight, and we’ve had some awesome guests like Welch, Jeremy Jones and Chris Grenier.

What do you think about Sage winning the Olympics? Think that’s going to be a boost for snowboarding?
Sage is the man, I’m just happy to see him, Mark and Stale on the podium cause they all represent snowboarding really well. I’m just happy that shit is over, it was just embarrassing to see how bad the judging was in qualifying and how bad the media coverage was. But whatever, I’m just excited to party with the LTC crew!

Are you sad Shaun didn’t win?
I wanted Danny Davis to win, maybe Putin should have hired SPT to make the pipe…