Past Due was made in 1998 by Jason King. These were deep snow years in Vermont, featuring riding at Stowe and Uncle Eddy’s—maybe some other zones too—from some pretty legendary east coast heads. It was recently posted online and if you’re from the east coast and are down to listen to some good reggae for 15 minutes while you watch sick riding, you’ll enjoy this.

Featuring (in order of appearance):

Shane Charlebois
Jason King
Joe Bogdanski
Tim Barber
Jesse Huffman
Sepp Shaw
Joah Buley
Jay Rehbein
Evan Rose
Oliver Reed
Zach Eberz
Dan Zimmer
Pat Walsh
Geoff Raeder
Johnny Noel
Jeff Moran
Mike Montonaro
Joe Bario
Mike Baker

Camera :

Jason King
Glen Seelenbrandt
Zach Eberz
Pat Walsh

Soundtrack mixed by Zach Eberz

Copyright 1998 Jason King

Past Due