Leif Draznin French has been putting together edits and full-lengths under the name CHUUCH since he moved to SLC in the winter of 2012. He has low-key and steadily putting out some of the sickest and heaviest content. CHUUCH doesn't like to nickel and dime their audience, so every movie they make is free. Leading up to the Passion Of The Chuuch, there have been three full-length releases, Full Service, Chuurch, and If Ya Scared Go To Chuuch. Usual cast includes a crew of true SLC locals, underrated and unknown, along with some standout names. I've always been partial to Chickenbone myself. The teaser for "THE PASSION OF THE CHUUCH," which includes zonked out Soundcloud rap, death-defying urban assaults, charity work, and a satisfying cast of riders is out now, and you should check it out, along with their other releases.

IF YA SCARED, GO TO CHUUCH ##OFFICIAL MOVIE## https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIAVENvzCwY

†††CHUURCH††† ##OFFICIAL MOVIE## https://vimeo.com/120883029

FULL SERVICE ##OFFICIAL MOVIE## https://vimeo.com/122599819screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-2-51-49-pm

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