Park Sharks and Rail Snails in Sweden with RK1’s Len Jørgensen | Insight

Growing up in Norway, Len Jørgensen and childhood friends Ståle Sandbech, Alek Oestreng and Olav Stubberud formed a crew by the name of RK1. Every crew needs someone to keep the vibe light, and for RK1, Len is that is that guy. Emanating style and creativity, he is entertaining to watch on his board, with a general presence that lightens the mood of any situation or session through radiating positivity. Len was in Hemavan, Sweden for New Years Eve. The small resort there provided the perfect venue to document his unique method to riding, and the chairlifts offered the opportunity to capture his philosophies on snowboarding and life in general.

Take a cue from Len and live life less serious.

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