It's the day before April Fools and Lazz says he has a gift for us. A couple eyebrows rise in suspicion as he places a box of fruit popsicles on the table. "It's for after dinner," he says with a shit-eating grin, so when the time comes we open it up and inside are two chocolate eggs. That is, two hard-boiled eggs covered in chocolate. Dammit, John.

Take a look at the Woodward Tahoe setup and one word is immediately burned into your head: flow. You can see it in the way jibs are laid out—it's not just a bunch of rails in a row, they're spread around so you can pinball back and forth, here and there down the run. Land one, react and pick your line that way. Flow. People throw "it's like a concrete skatepark" around a lot but it's definitely the case here. It's not just Lane Knaack or Eric Rosenwald or any one person either, but this communal team effort that everyone involved is down for, and this ethos actually goes for all of the Woodward Terrain Parks across the country…

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