Looking back on our fifth feature film, Origins, we set out to find the roots of freestyle snowboarding at five locations around the globe. On our list: Hokkaido, JapanWhistler, CanadaQuebec, CanadaMammoth, USAThe Alps, France. In each place, we sought the pioneers that shaped the local scenes and inspired the generations that followed. We strapped in alongside them and listened to the stories of how we got to where we are today.

Already dropping the extended cuts from Mammoth and Whistler, we now sit down and examine the scene that shaped some of today’s most famous French riders in Arthur Longo, Victor Daviet, and Victor De Le Rue. From Regis Rolland to Julien “L’Arrogs” Haricot and everyone else involved in the strong scene, enjoy a look at the roots of snowboarding running rampant through The Alps.

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