Online Video Series of the Year: Something by The Manboys

As the state of snowboard video consumption changes, the field of potential nominees for this category becomes increasingly larger. But over the ever-growing noise of the internet, some things stand out. And this year the somewhat self-titled series Something by The Manboys rose above the rest.

Together, Matt Belzile, Rusty Ockenden, Jody Wachniak and Chris Rasman comprise the nucleus of the Whistler-based crew known as the The Manboys. Throw in a little Eric Jackson and whoever else can hang with giant wedges, steep pillows, and two-stroke engines, and you've got a formidable force in sled-accessed backcountry riding. The Manboys grow up just a bit with each season that passes, and it would be hard to argue that their latest web videos aren't the most magnificent serialized display of powder boarding released this year. Filmed in the Northwest primarily by Ben Webb, Connor Whinton, and Gabe Langlois, and edited by Ockenden, there is nothing juvenile about the caliber of riding or production value that went into Something by The Manboys. The series brought top-tier backcountry riding from BC to computer screens across the globe, and the snowboard world took note.

Congrats, 'Boys!

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