Wow, we are two full months into filming Transworld’s second full length film and boy has it been wild. We have ran into everything from cops to blown engines on snowmobiles, broken bones, 20 hour driving days, pretty much everything that you kids would never think happens behind the scenes. Here is a post with some photos and videos of life behind the, “landed tricks”. Enjoy the laughs and the scenics that we get to see everyday while we are, “at work”. -TWS/Get Real Crew

^Here is a video shot Sunday, February 8th of the real life in the backcountry.

^This video is shot and edited by Chris Grenier. “Jack of all trades” they called him in high school.

^Here is Eero and Mikey doubling to the jump spots. Eero could not bring his sled across the border from Canada to the US so he rode like this for 5 days, 30miles a day. it was funny to me so i shot it on my elf camera.

^Here is a bonus post of Scott Stevens cousin who is a famous blogger and is as funny as all hell, WATCH THIS!