Photos and video by Transworld Filmer Greg Wheeler

Hang on for the ride of your life—this is real snowboarding. Get Real, the forthcoming release from TransWorld Snowboarding, is 100% pure shredding. Featuring nine of the most dynamic riders in the world—from seasoned pros to young whizkids—this movie carries on where 2008's smash hit, These Days left off. Get Real brings viewers inside the life and high times of pro riders on a nonstop mission to keep it real—to ride anything and everything they can. With dramatic HD visuals, a bangin' soundtrack, and progressive filming and editing, Get Real is guaranteed to slam you with a heavy dose of snowboard reality. This new flick features heavy action on the streets from Jed Anderson, Scott Stevens, and Chris Grenier and wild, tech trickery from the likes of XGames medalist Scotty Lago. Plus, there's loads of fresh backcountry mayhem from Kyle Clancy, Mikey Rencz, and Pat McCarthy. Finnish powder slayer Eero Niemela and young Sammy Luebke round out the cast of next-level riders. From shred hotspots to secret spots all over North America, to Europe to the Southern Hemisphere, Get Real takes you to the goods. When riding your snowboard is priority one, it's time for you to Get Real.