What the actual heck? Two-time Olympian, Greg Bretz, recently posted this insta-video of a massive bear chasing Rodney Ginn up the stairs in his own house. Yes, this actually happened. No, it's not another fake bear video, but a real account of a bear intruder in a home in Mammoth Lakes, California.

We reached out to Bretz for the details on what actually happened, how he knows Rodney Ginn, and will update this post when he gets back to us. For now, just watch, re-watch, and let us know what you would do in this scenario in the comments.

Ed Note: Greg Bretz Update 

“Todey is a great friend of mine and he lives three doors down from me. The bear tried to get into my house just before this all went down and ripped my screen door off my slider. The next day he sent me the video and it blew my mind. I posted it and told him that it would for sure go viral somehow and it did, haha. His reaction makes the whole video and I’m glad he didn’t get mauled.”  

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