The Northern Sky: Episode 1

Patagonia presents The Northern Sky: Episode 1 Find Away Series

Take a break from all the fast paced edits and dive into an awesome perspective on snowboarding and why we all love to do it. If this doesn’t make you want winter to get here, than we don’t know what will.

Featuring Gerry Lopez and Taro Tamai

Additional Snowboarding by Josh Dirksen, Alex Yoder, Kenichi Miyashita, and Osamu Okada

From Patagonia via YouTube:

“An arriving swell. Falling snow. Two forces, or one and the same? Two board sports legends, Pipeline master Gerry Lopez and snowsurf pioneer Taro Tamai, have spent a lifetime practicing the art of flow. The Northern Sky digs down to the roots of that shared sensation, as experienced in the mountains above Niskeo, Japan. This Farm League film is the first episode in our #Find_Away series.”