Full Movie Northern Grease Available for Download Now

For 18,000 kms, snowboarders Tamo Campos, John Muirhead and Jasper Snow Rosen embark on a mission in a vegetable oil fueled bus across British Columbia and Alberta to understand Canadian resource extraction projects and the impacts they have on northern communities in the newly released film, Northern Grease.

"It's truly amazing to see what a group of young snowboarders are doing to protect the quality of life we all depend on," said Marie France Roy, of the powerful film that just dropped and is available to stream.

The award-winning documentary combines snowboarding and surfing while exploring the threats of fossil fuel expansion and also seeks out alternatives.

Check out the trailer above and head here to download the full film.


The boys and their veggie fueled bus.

About Northern Grease:

Northern Grease follows Tamo Campos, John Muirhead and Jasper Snow Rosen and friends on an adventure that leads the crew to communities on the front lines of unwanted resource extraction. They travel from the Alberta tar sands; Canada's largest growing greenhouse gas emitter, to a frontline Indigenous blockade in the Tl'abāne, an area also commonly known as the Sacred Headwaters.

From mechanical mishaps, adventures, new teachings and perseverance the crew blends unique interviews with farmers, students, Indigenous leaders, politicians, and workers to present the often rarely heard voices and concerns of frontline communities. Along the way, the crew also spend time with the people who, using alternative and renewable energy sources, lead lifestyles that present solutions.

Northern Grease tells a story of young snowboarders and surfers learning the real social and environmental impacts of resource extraction. Through humor, adventure and an evolving critical perspective, Northern Grease depicts the often untold stories of those on the front lines.

Learn more at www.beyondboarding.org


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