North to the Future : Origins Haines, AK Edit

Origins : Haines, AK Edit Featuring John Jackson, Kazu Kokubo and Blair Habenicht

Film/Edit: Justin Hare

This is what it's all about. Riding AK spines and lines with the best of the best. Last season, John Jackson, Kazu Kokubo and Blair Habenicht crewed up and ventured to Haines, Alaska while filming for Origins. They loaded up a Cessna, flew to the beckoning steeps and met up with head guide Chris Coulter. They nailed the timing and were treated to near perfect conditions in the ever-fickle mountains of AK. They shredded a series of spines, slashed the fresh fluff, had a couple of close calls and almost got sloughed out. John J talks about the adrenaline rush that comes with riding this type of terrain and how the allure of Alaska tugs him to come back season, after season. Check out it all out in the edit above and watch all their lines in Origins available here.

Sometimes my eyes are way bigger than my board and I want to get up there and try the gnarliest thing… but then you just get up there and blow it. — John Jackson

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