Episodes one and two took a look back at the pioneers who lead the charge in the early days of the jibbing revolution and how it has progressed from then until present day.

In the final episode, you get introduced to the “wheels of death”, a game that consists of JibFest invitees spinning two wheels. One of the wheels has tricks labeled on it. The other one determines what obstacle the trick must be done on. The wheels can come up with some terrifying combinations, but it sometimes also serves as motivation by throwing a bunch of hundred dollar bills into the mix for people who land the tricks.

Further along in the episode, Snow Park Technologies’ Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson and his crew walk us through the history of many features they created that are now considered stock at most snowboard parks. Near the end of the show watch as we see how the JibFest voting process goes down for “Best Trick” and first, second and third place.

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