Nitro Attempts Record For The World’s Longest Rail

Nitro Attempts Record For World’s Longest Rail

When it comes to world records in snowboarding, there aren’t a whole lot, and the ones that are set are going to be nearly impossible to break. Current records include the speed record (Edmond Plawczyk, 203 kph [126 mph], 2015), the biggest air record (Terje Haakonsen, 9.8 meters [32.15 feet], 2007), the longest air record (Mads Jonsson, 57 meters [187 feet], 2005), the most vertical feet snowboarded in year (John de Neufville, 1,265,471 meters [4,151,810 vertical feet], and the longest rail (Calum Paton 78 meters [255.9 feet]. However, there are always a few rules to the records and in the case of the longest rail, it must be round, not flat, and it has to be jumped onto, not ridden onto. There is still some controversy over whether or not Calum’s 78 meter record is legitimate because it violated some of these rules. Nevertheless, 78 meters is still impressive.


To challenge Calum’s record, Nitro Team manager┬áKnut Eliasson and his team of Sam Taxwood, Ziga Rakovec, Basti Rittig, Marc Swoboda, and Seppi Scholler got together to try an attack on the world’s longest rail. The crew spent three full days hitting an 85 meter rail over and over and over, trying to find balance and precision while nailing this beast. Although they didn’t make it all the way to the end, for the Nitro crew the goal didn’t seem too far out of reach, as Sam Taxwood mentions, “I think it should be doable, it just takes patience and persistence.”

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