Nine Knights GoPro Course Preview

Snowboarders are Sending it on the Massive, Creative Course

Suzuki Nine Knights in Livingo, Italy is one of the most prestigious park events of all-time, and this year, a slew of the world’s best snowboarders have been invited to join the fun. The set-up is a massive playground that includes infamous "Il Castello" snow castle, on Mottolino Fun Mountain. The castle includes jumps, multiple transfers, hip sections, canyon rails, and a quarter pipe, among other hittable features.

Sven Thorgren was the first rider to guinea pig the biggest kicker on the course and started with straight airs but quickly moved into super stylish 720s. Progression is the name of the game at the Nine Knights, and riders will be sending it all week.


Check the GoPro course preview above with Sage Kotsenburg and Halldor Helgason.

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