Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Tour Stop RECAP Video

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Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Tour 2010/11 – Recap
Here is the wrap-up of the Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Tour that blazed through Europe from December to February and led to a big final at Air & Style in Munich, Germany.
Local crews from resorts across Europe voted on Facebook to see which resorts could score the most votes and be named as a stop on the tour. At each of the nine tour stops, the winning competitor earned a ticket to the big final event to compete against an invited field of nine pros including Eiki Helgason (ISL), Keegan Valaika (USA), Forest Bailey (USA), Wojtek Pawlusiak (POL) and more.
To bring things to the next level, the final battle was held as a TTR 3-Star event on an XXL-version of the stair set – a 20-stair behemoth replete with rails and marble ledges. With $20,000 in prize money at stake, this was the appropriate setting for premiering a rail jam contest in front of 16,500 spectators
The crowd was on its feet throughout the final, pushing the riders to test their limits during the jam session. The nine Stairset Battle winners did well in holding their own against the nine invited pros. In the end, selecting the "Final Eight" riders proved a seriously difficult task for the judges. Only one Stairset Battle Tour qualifier – Swiss rider Boris Bühler – made the cut, while Denis Leontyev from Russia closely missed it.
The level of tricks was amazing: Third place went to Forest Bailey with a FS Nose 270 off on the Close-Out Rail. Jamie Nicholls came in second with super consistent runs, proving he is no stranger to riding contests, and tricks like FS Blunt 270 to 50-50 BS 180 out on lock.
With lots of bangers, Mike Casanova took 1st place, topping things off with his "winning trick" on his last run – a picture-perfect Hardway Cab 270 to FS Nose!
"All the riders supported each other, the audience was cheering. I am pumped, it was amazing!" said a stoked Mike Casanova.
This ends a great tour and we hope that the Stairset Battle series has provided a glimpse of the shape of things to come in jibbing and rail jams. All Starisets remain in place as park-support for the locals at all tour stop locations.
Big thanks to all the competitors and supporters of the Stairset Battle Tour! It's been a blast!

Final Results:
1. Mike Casanova (USA)
2. Jamie Nicholls (GBR)
3. Forest Bailey (USA)
4. Wojtek Pawlusiak (POL)
5. Keegan Valaika (USA)
6. Eiki Helgason (ICE)
7. Dani Rajcsanyi (GER)
8. Boris Bühler (SUI)