When a late April rainstorm produced over a foot of snow during the day and continued to snow into the night Nick Pooch, Billy Garcia, Ben Birk and Taylor Morgan headed out into the darkness with the anticipation that the full moon would break the clouds and deliver improbable April midnight snowboarding conditions. Eager to put together Nightshift, the crew fired up the sleds, grabbed the low light cameras, and headed out in the night.

“For the whole week leading up to Friday, April 22nd, the weather prediction was for rain. When Friday finally rolled around the temperatures dropped lower than predicted and it ended up snowing over a foot throughout the day and well into the night. It was also a full moon that night which seemed like a perfect filming opportunity with the A7s, it being the low light monster of a camera that it is. We loaded up our gear and headed off just before midnight, once again going off a weather prediction that the storm and clouds were going to break by then. Well, it didn’t stop snowing so there was no light from the moon, but being able to shoot at ISO’s up to 200,000 made it so our efforts weren’t a complete failure. Thank you technology, for keeping us snowboarding ’til 5 in the morn.” – Taylor Morgan