Never Summer at the Bear Bowl 2016

This year Bear Mountain hosted their inaugural Big Bear Mountain Bear Bowl. A competition that put the best of the best standing toe to toe on the frozen base area of Bear Mountain to see who had basic fundamentals and composure. Teams from all over the nation came out to participate and try their luck at performing physical and mental tests in front of a crowd of spectators. To Never Summer, it was an opportunity that could not be passed up. To them it was more than winning, it was sharing the weekend with their Colorado companions and proving their dominance up and down the state of California.

To just show up and win was unthinkable.

“On Super Bowl weekend Never Summer sent a team of riders to compete in the 1st Big Bear Mountain Bear Bowl. Instead of training and practicing all day the team went and shredded Bear’s sick park. They then showed up and won. He is an edit about what went down.” – Never Summer

Riders:  Matt Larsen, Tyler FlanaganTrever HaasMatt Williams Film/Edit: Cooper Hoffmeister

Never Summer at the Bear Bowl 2016 | TWSNOW