Moves – Haakon Flip Nosegrab by Nicolas Muller


Haakon Flip Nosegrab by Nicolas Muller

Before I bust out a Haakon flip I always do a Cab 360 to get the feeling of hitting the wall switch going really fast.

So now we’re ready: drop in switch with a lot of speed, or do a big air to fakie on the previous hit.

Keep your body straight and relaxed while approaching the wall. Ride up the wall just like you did on your Cab three.

Just when your tail has left the lip, start the rotation by turning your upper body frontside-tip your head toward your leading shoulder like you want to look over it to check out your ass.

At the same time you’re cranking the rotation and becoming inverted, your left hand should reach out for the nosegrab. Now on top of all this, give it a little tweak by extending the leg for a tailbone.

Stay tuned until you spot your landing coming up to the right.

Yeah, stomper! Pump the tranny for the next hit-air to fakie and Haakon nose once again. Nice one-now claim it, but not too much.