This trick shouldn’t take too long to learn, but you must have the basics down first. Get comfortable with frontside 360s, and decide which edge feels better to take off from-toe edge or heel side. I find frontside spins way easier off my heel edge-it’s a quicker spin, and I can hold my grab longer.

Landing a trick in powder is another story if you’re a park kid, so I’ll go into that, too!

1. If you’re going into the backcountry, the most important rule is that the entire crew has avalanche transceivers, shovels, probes, and knows how to use them! Find a spot to build the jump and probe the landing, making sure there aren’t rocks hiding underneath the surface-you don’t want to hurt yourself tumbling down the hill.

2. Speed check. Throw something basic at first, like your frontside 360 or whatever move you feel comfortable with. Once you’ve got the speed right, you can start chucking frontside sevens.

3. Stay flat-based on the kicker for as long as possible. Just before leaving the lip, slightly rotate your shoulders frontside. This way you’re already leading your upper body into a good frontside spin.

4. Get as much pop as you can while taking off from your heels (or toes) and sink the edge just enough to give you a kick so the entire 720 rotates without struggling. Stay centered over the board-leaning back too much may throw you into an over-rotated back seater to your ass.

5. Grab your board and let it spin. Always keep your head turned and leading the spin-this keeps the rotation smooth throughout the whole trick.

6. Play the trick however it feels right: give it a little tweak or just let it flow. Once you’ve spun a 540, it’s time to start checking for the landing.

7. Landing the trick in powder is a different game from the park. Lean back slightly, landing with about 60 percent of your weight in the rear so you don’t dig your nose in the powder.

8. Stomp the landing, and ride away clean like you pull them off all day long. Make a pow turn on the way down to the bar to pick up a big mug of hot chocolate.

Good luck with your frontside 720s, and have a fun season.