Mount Southington: The Revictiv Plaza Jam

There's something magical about the fast pace and the magnitude of tricks happening in a heated rail jam. Hammers upon hammers are consecutively happening right before your eyes. Riders are eagerly throwing down tricks and rushing back up the hill to do it again. Two weeks ago, Revictiv transformed the plaza of Mount Southington with a fully custom set of features to put on one of the best rail jams, not a block party, Connecticut has ever seen.

“Absolute madness went down at Revictiv's "Not a Block Party Plaza Jam" on a warm Saturday night at Mount Southington, Connecticut. Park crew killed the build with the help of Revictiv coming through with four custom built features. The contest got under way with 35 snowboards all throwing their meat trying to secure one of the 10 spots open for the $2000+ cash purse.

As the prelims got under way in the 55 degree Connecticut heat, several riders immediately stood out including Mount Snow locals, Alex Atno, Will Healy, Bradley Harper, Jeremy Ellenberg and Steve Lauder, Killington locals Jake Fournier and Maggie Leon and CT locals Eric Kren, Josh Salvator and Gavin Landry.

With the sun setting and the course cleaned up, the finals were ready to go down. Money on the line meant riders throwing outright hammers. Steve Lauder threw down some of the most stylish tricks and transfers of the night including a one foot broad slide through the street style down rail. Young gun Will Healy threw down several 270 variations and a monster front 540 out. Jeremy Ellenberg did some of the biggest transfers on the course including a monster gap cab 270. Eric Kren was out of his mind. Throwing a back flip to board slide and a backflip out of the street style rail. Alex Atno was the kid who never fell. He did several 360 on variations and hit every feature with a different trick. Josh Salvator did tricks like no one else, getting a huge back 5-0 180 out on the top coping of the wall and a massive miller flip over the wall ride.

Finals boosted on from the scheduled 30 minutes to a wild hour and ten minute jam session. The prolonged finals heat was complete and utter insanity. The judges knew it was going to be no easy task deciding the winner with Alex Atno blowing everyone's minds with his tricks and consistency, literally landing every trick, and Eric Kren being such a crowd and Judge favorite with his choice of savagery. The two were given two final drops which resulted in the judge’s  hands being even more tied up. After a 15 minute deliberation they came out with the results…” – Ross Hart

Tie for First- Alex Atno and Eric Kren

Third- Jeremy Ellenberg

Fourth- Will Healy

Best Style- Steve Lauder

First Womens- Maggie Leon

Mount Southington- The Revictiv Plaza Jam | TWSNOW.comPhoto: Mike Budny

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