Words: Andrew Nagel

In January I hung around Slc for a bit filming primarily with Jeff Holce and Tucker Brown. Jeff took me to this spot, which I’ve been to in the past to film at. A wooden bench to handrail that closes out into a fence on the right side. No one had ever gone sideways through the bench and rail, so Jeff was all about it. Best of all, this winter Jeff had his sights on a cameo in Benchpress The Movie. The mood was do or die.

Day one, Jeff almost had the most excellent make, perfect execution but the powder landing threw him off. We stomped out the landing area. But what followed was a heavy slam into the fence post. He separated the edge and dented the sidewall of not his snowboard. He decided to end it.

We returned the next day. The session held a few scary impacts, and a make. The make was good, it wasn’t as good as the almost make the day before. The next try, collides yet again with the post, snaps his newest board. We were out after that.

Benchpress The Movie

Filmed by Andrew Nagel and Ryan Collins.

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