Modest Minute #1 at Perisher Resort

Modest Minute #1 at Perisher Resort covers the Modest board crew as they rip around the park at Perisher, which has been on our radar now for a while as one of the better park spots in the land down under.

BOARDWORLD and Modest. are proud to present “MODEST MINUTE” episode one—straight out of the Perisher Parks.
”Modest; mod-est, adjective. a) free from ostentation and showy extravagance. b) moderately limited in size, quantity, or range; not extreme.”
Riders in order of appearance: Jordan Crockford, Pete Long, Luke Harvey, Rainer Occhilupo, Tenzin Butt
Filmed at Perisher Resort, Australia
Filmed and edited by Marcus Skin
Additional filming by Tom Hannam
Thumbnail: Alen Zvokelj / Purple Collective