Tommi Ollikainen just dropped a re-edit of  his footage from his 2015 season. Over the past year he has been touring both hemispheres of the globe chasing snow, filming for Deviate, and producing quality edits. He’s been through Europe and down to Australia filming mostly urban ridining with the Snackbreak crew. They have been invading the streets finding new, rare and ridiculous features. Tommi re-edited some of his shots and put together a video of his finest work. A compilation of Tommi‘s best footage; some new and some that you might remember from HONYOS.

Re-edited Tommi Ollikainen’s footage from the 2014-15 Snackbreak film “HONYOS”. Low-quality daddy cam images filmed by fellow Snackbreak boarders in Finland and Australia. – Snackbreak

Mixed Up | Tommi Ollikainen | TWSNOW