Following Mindset PRDCTNS, latest full-length release titled MandalaMathias Wittwer has gifted us the trailer for a new feature film Creamy. You can count on some top-shelf street riding mixed with a dash of pow, which is a rather solid recipe if you ask me. Featuring Dario Burch, Flavio Pfister, Jeron Lohner, Adrian Oesch, Leandro Eigensatz, Flo Arnold, David Djite, Lou Staub, Max Wettstein, Arda Serce, Blume, Hitsch Haller, Andy Walker, Cédric Gisler, Gregor Betschon, Thomas Land & Friends.

The film is set to premiere online on October 24th, but if you find yourself in Zürich on October 22nd, there will be a premiere at Wunderbar.

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