MFM full part from Optimistic

Marc Frank Montoya full part from Absinthe Films Optimistic

Marc Frank Montoya is a true snowboarding legend. MFM grew up in Denver skateboarding and was the first Mexican-American pro snowboarder. Marco brought his own style to snowboarding never seen before. Here is his Full Part from Absinthe Films Optimistic that dropped in 2007.

Quote from Absinthe Films founder Justin Hostynek –

“For many, Marc Frank Montoya is the epitome of power and style. He’s known for his massive ollies, intentional late grabs, and cliff-drop nollies. If I could ride like anyone out there for a day, I would step into MFM’s boots. Snowboarder, skater, DJ, business man, Bon Vivant, he has always been pulled in forty directions at once, making it rare for him to keep his focus in one place long enough for a whole part to blossom in any single video. But not in 2007. If the peak of his career didn’t span a decade, I would call this his pinnacle. But it did, so I won’t.”



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