We are back again with Pete Saari over at Mervin Manufacturing to learn a bit more about the culture and ways of the 30+ year old company out of the Pacific Northwest. From snow to surf to skate, the guys that build the boards, also destroy the boards. If you don’t get what we mean, just watch the designers and production line crew getting down on their own supply.

The factory crew is a highly skilled, committed group of artisanal American Kraftsmen who ride the boards they build. From the original action Kraftsmen Mike Olson and Pete Saari, to the CEO Anthony DeRocco, and all the way to our newest crew carrying the Mervin Made torch on the shop floor, the company has been built by creative doers and active participants in the sports they support. See for yourself what Mervin is all about above! For more info and videos about the company, check out their website here!

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