There was a time not long ago when every professional snowboarder—who was healthy and not 100 percent consumed by the contest circuit—would film a video part each season. Then the internet happened. Clips were released seconds after they were landed, and many filmmakers began to stray from the traditional full part formula that snowboarding relied on for two decades.

But as much as the landscape of media distribution has changed, ultimately things have remained the same. The individual rider’s video part is still the benchmark by which snowboarders are measured, and even more recognition should be given to those who can hold onto the amount of footage required to release a full part in this instant internet era.

Kazu Kokubo has cemented himself into a category few others have been able to. After graduating from the constraints of competitive snowboarding, he’s become one of the most formidable powder riders in the world. Kazu is mythical. From the way he holds his grabs, to the way he stomps his tricks, to the song it’s edited to, everything about this part from Union’s STRONGER. is worthy of Video Part of the Year.

Congrats, Kazu!

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