Men’s Slopestyle Jump Best Run Video Highlights – Dew Tour 2016

Mark McMorris takes home the top spot during men’s slopestyle jump finals at the 2016 Dew Tour. Gnarly weather conditions including puking snow made speed somewhat of an issue early on, but the riders quickly figured out how to combat the problem. By hiking up beyond the starter shack and pointing it though a somewhat serious gauntlet of tiedowns and tent stakes, the crew gathered the speed they needed to clear the knuckle.

Here are the best runs of the top three finishers, plus a bonus video of Max Parrot’s run which was the highest scoring of the day. Be sure to tune in tomorrow right here on for all the action from Dew Tour slope finals including men’s and women’s rail section, plus women’s slopestyle jump finals.

#1 – Mark McMorris – see above.

#2 – Tyler Nicholson 

#3 – Seb Toots

Highest score of the day – Max Parrot with a 49.3

Full Results:

1. Mark McMorris
2. Tyler Nicholson
3. Seb Toots
4. Eric Willett
5. Marcus Kleveland
6. Chas Guldemond
7. Michael Ciccarelli
8. Max Parrot
9. Brock Crouch
10. Darcy Sharpe
11. Eric Beauchemin
12. Torstein Horgmo
13. Brandon Davis
14. Red Gerard
15. Kyle Mack
16. Mons Roisland

Don’t forget, there’s still men’s jib finals before a champ is crowned. Tune in tomorrow to check it out live here on

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