Men’s Slopestyle Finals Livestream from the 2017 US Open

As you watch finals, here’s what went down during semifinals:

As for the men's side of things, it's still Mark McMorris's world and we are all living in it…

While it's still anyone's game in the Big Air realm, slopestyle is still Mark McMorris's to lose. Big Air is a one-shot, one-kill discipline, so whoever is "on" that day can take the win, but with slopestyle, consistency is key, and no rider is more consistent than Mark McMorris currently. Linking together three rails and three jumps and riding away from those features perfectly is one of the hardest things to do in competitive snowboarding, but Mark is still head-and-shoulders above the field. No questions asked. McMorris is the king of slope.

But there are some newcomers that are making some noise.

While Mark remains on top, he's also created his biggest competition in many senses. Riders like Chris Corning, Brandon Davis, Red Gerard and Mikey Ciccarelli  (who qualified in 10th, 7th and 3rd, respectively)  may not be hot on his heels per say, they are certainly gaining ground in a discipline that acts as a revolving door of talent, so McMorris shouldn't be worried but he certainly shouldn't lift his foot off the gas. 

Yuki Kadono, Roope Tonteri, Max Parrot and Eric Beauchemin failed to qualify today.

Yuki shocked the world in 2015 by unveiling back-to-back triple cork 1620s and beating McMorris on the last drop. Roope is a consistent top-tenner at the Open. Max Parrot is coming off of Big Air gold at the X Games, the Innsbruck Air & Style and the Los Angeles Air & Style and Beauchemin got second last year, so it was a shocker that they didn't land in the top ten by the day's end.

Does the US have a legitimate Olympic slopestyle hopeful?

Our golden boy Sage Kotsenburg has all but announced his retirement from the competitive realm, so who do we set our sights on for slopestyle gold going into the 2018 Games? Red Gerard? Brandon Davis? Kyle Mack? Brock Crouch? Time's a tickin' and the US has some work to do to catch up to Canada.

Seb Toutant qualified at the buzzer today, in typical Seb Toots fashion.

The kid thrives under pressure. Some might say he lives for it, as he qualified in his second of two runs as the third-to-last rider to drop. A true competitor in that sense, Seb knows how to put it down when it counts most and you'll be seeing him on Friday.

Who the F is Chris Corning?

Chris Corning snuck into finals with an insane run today. A few weeks ago, he got a last-minute spot in the LA Air & Style and ended up finishing in 5th place. Then, he comes to the US Open and qualifies for finals. Is Chris Corning the new US Olympic hopeful in slope? Can he continue his Cinderella season at the US Open? Only time will tell.

Ståle is back!

After double knee surgery, Ståle Sandbech is officially back on the scene and we couldn't be more excited. He qualified in 9th place today and something tells us he's gonna go balls-to-the-wall in Friday's finals.

Men's Qualifying Results:

1. Sven Thorgren
2. Mark McMorris
3. Mikey Ciccarelli
4. Mons Roisland
5. Brandon Davis
6. Sebbe De Buck
7. Red Gerard
8. Sebastién Toutant
9. Ståle Sandbech
10. Chris Corning