A stacked field of riders dropped to the Men's Big Air Finals under the bright lights on Friday night in Aspen, Colorado at X Games 2017. Despite freezing temperatures and bulletproof conditions, the riders were laying it all on the line, attempting to stomp their biggest tricks. It was the ultimate spin-off, cork-off, stomp-off, with rider's going absolutely massive on the big air jump. The crowd was losing their minds over the contest, in which history was made by Max Parrot and Marcus Kleveland. Both stomped tricks that have never been done in a contest setting.

Kleveland, the youngest competitor in the field, stomped the first history-making trick with the first quad cork in competition history. Then Parrot stepped to the plate and stomped a quad underflip.

"It's insane, the level of riding is just crazy!" Parrot said following the event. "This is the first time I've done a quad in a contest, so it's just insane to put it down," he continued.

Parrot took the highly-coveted win, Kleveland took second and Mark McMorris claimed third with his smooth backside triple cork 1440.


1. Max Parrot

2. Marcus Kleveland

3. Mark McMorris

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