Matière Blanche: Disparition

Cauterets had a powder party and only Matière Blanche was invited. Pyrenean pals Antoine Baduel and Julien Rochette were recently at Cauterets Resort in southwestern France after it got dumped on with snow. Full days of blower powder and first tracks across an open mountain provided limitless fun. These guys were going big and landing deep. Needless to say, Matière Blanche have had some of the best runs we've seen all season.

“Quand la neige est là en masse et si légère elle a tendance a nous faire disparaître… Ce film tourné à Cauterets est la pour le prouver.

When the snow is so abundant and light that it makes us disappear… this is how it looks!” – Matiere Blanche

Matière Blanche: Disparition |

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