Mat Schaer Full Part 2014 Presented by DC Snowboarding

Mat Schaer Full Part 2014 Presented by DC Snowboarding.

Mat Schaer filmed with Absinthe Films last year. He charged the backcountry hitting a variety of features. The opening cliff shot is huge, and the double line at the end of his part is pure sickness.

A little info about the Underline Series.

Highlight, Bold, Spotlight or Underline your favorite lines of the year. That’s what DC snowboarding did with its all new Underline Series. The best athletes, the best parts. The underline series from DC.

-edited by Julien Roserens
-footage from Absinthe films
-music: "Mama Don't Mind” by Duck Duck Grey Duck 

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Mat Schaer

PHOTO: Silvano Zeiter