2015 Women’s Readers’ Choice

[Mary's speech starts at 3:57 in the video above.]

In an ideal case scenario, a rider would win the Rookie Of The Year and follow it up with a different Riders' Poll award the following season. That doesn't happen often. In fact, the only other rider to do it was Leanne Pelosi when she won Rookie Of The Year in 2004 and then the Women's Readers' Choice and Women's Rider Of The Year awards in 2005.

With a solid street part in Rendered Useless, and her generally lighthearted vibes, Rhode Island's Mary Rand has clearly gained some fans. She picks up the Women’s Readers’ Choice award, putting her on similar tract to Pelosi, Jess Kimura, and Marie-France Roy as they were coming up in the past.

Congratulations, Mary!

Mary Rand. Photo: Ben Birk

Mary Rand. Photo: Ben Birk


Rome, ThirtyTwo, Von Zipper, Ass Industries, Civil, Loon Mountain

Mary Rand's Full Part From Rendered Useless

The Riders' Poll 17 Women's Readers' Choice Nominees Were:

Jamie Anderson

Jess Kimura

Mary Rand

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