Mary Rand Full Part 2014

Words, photos, and interview by Ben Birk

Mary Rand is a little fire ball. She’s downright hillarious off her snowboard and spent most of the winter wearing a “I Love Ass” sweat shirt while shredding and in public restaurants, stores, and areas with small children. Strap her into a snowboard though and she becomes a focused and fierce girl. As the only female member of the East Coast power house group the “Yawgoons“. Mary has been taking pointers for years from some of the best dudes on the right coast. So it’s no wonder that her full part looks effortless and controlled. Last year Mary only had the chance to go on one trip but she made use of her time wisely and stacked up a short and sweet full part.  Keep an eye out for this girl. She’s blowing up!

Interview with Mary Rand below.

Mary Rand, Ben Birk

This DFD to ledge is no joke and no problem for Mary. PHOTO:

Who did you have the best session with?

It was absolutely incredible and unexpected to be able to ride in the streets with Jess [Kimura]; one of my longtime boarding heros.  It was even more so significant because almost immediately I found a new and awesome friendship coupled with compatible workability not only with Jess, but Dykeboy as well.  You know how they say it’s better to not meet your heros because they let you down; not in this case.

What was the hardest trick to land?

The hardest trick to land was probably the front 180 on sw back 180 out on the roof rail.  After I landed the shot that is used in the video, I tried probably for another hour to get it better and just kept eating shit, I twisted my knee and jacked it pretty bad, and continued for a little longer before having to walk away with the original shot.  I think you [Ben Birk] have a pretty funny photo of me punching the ground this session ahaha!

Mary Rand, Ben Birk

Oh no. She’s pissed. PHOTO:

Where did you go in your favorite trip this year?

I only went on one trip this year- to Michigan where I filmed all of this footage. And I’d definitely say that was my favorite trip; possibly my favorite trip since I began snowboarding.

When did you feel on top of the world this year?

I felt on top of the world after landing the front nosepress front 180 out on the close out rail.  That was the first closeout I had ever hit.  Also, that day Jess landed the switch board slide on the close out which was a pretty epic moment for us, all things considered.

When did you feel like you wanted to give up?

I felt like I really wanted to give up prior to the Michigan trip.  I had been at my family’s tiny ski cabin in NH by Loon Mountain for two months mostly by myself, anxiously wondering if I would have the opportunity to film anything in the streets that season.



How many flights did you miss?


Why do you love snowboarding?

I love snowboarding because it can make me feel more alive than almost anything else in my life.  For me snowboarding has the ability to fully shut my mind off to the outside world, but it can also consume my mind with the outside world.  Snowboarding has brought my family even closer together, introduced me to many new friends and companions, and been the outlet for my life’s experiences thus far.  Not only is it the most fun way to spend my time it seems to have become one of my intrinsic values. Ha, i just finished my philosophy homework..

What’s next for you?

I am going to Puerto Rico for two weeks to surf with my brother and our friend, so fucking stoked!! Then planning to get back and start boarding-hopefully test out the backcountry a bit this season!


Rome, Volcom, VZ, Ass Wax, Hobo Headwear, Civil shop, Loon Mtn

Watch her full part from last year here!

Mary Rand, Ben Birk